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Humans Are Genetically Hardwired For Exercise

Humans are genetically wired for exercise, it is in are nature to move and be fit. Back in the hunter gatherer days they obviously didn't need to "exercise" like we do today, they had to hunt for food and grow their own crops. But as we evolved, life simplifies and we can now just make a quick trip to the store for food and pretty soon I'm sure we will be able to order groceries online and have them delivered to our doorsteps. So we have to find our preferred choice of exercise that we enjoy doing. Not just to stay fit and look good, but to feel better, have more energy, be more productive, and better are overall health and happiness. Exercise actually triggers the release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin which are powerful neurotransmitters. These hormones all work together in changing our overall mood and increases positive emotions. It is essential to your life to exercise. Plus it doesn't hurt to have a rockin bod right? ;) So here are the 5 steps to jump start or fuel your fitness journey!

Step 1: Find Your Goal

You first have to figure out exactly what type of body you want to acquire. Whether you want a lean shredded physique with a six pack, to get big and strong, a slim and sexy body, a beach bod, etc. Social media has a big impact on our choices of how we want to look because we constantly see shredded dudes, and sexy models in which influence us, sometimes in ways we actually don't want to look or live like. Especially for young dudes who want to get big and buff for zee ladies (as I once did), but hey! We all start somewhere.

When I was reaching the end of high school and beginning college I just wanted to get big because that's what I always saw and what I wanted to look like. But I got to the point where I hated that lifestyle and actually didn't want to get that big. I like to be lean, strong, and athletic, considering I played sports my whole life and currently enjoy obstacle course races. The point is you have to look at your current lifestyle, how do you actually want to look, and have a goal in mind. Without a firm vision of what you want to achieve you are merely wandering with no destination. So what is our goal?

Step 2: Discover Your WHY

You now have your goal in mind. So, why do you want to achieve this? Why do you want to look this way? What is the purpose behind your vision? You have to find your why, and it can't just be for the hell of it or to please someone else. You have to dig down deep and find the true purpose behind your vision. Your 'why' fuels action, action keeps you consistent, consistency creates results. If you have a weak ass 'why' then you will not reach your goal. So what is your why?

Step 3: Find Your Eating Style

It is all about finding a style of eating that fits your lifestyle, is enjoyable, and sustainable. Think about the current lifestyle you live, when you like to eat, and how much you like to eat at that time. I love nutrition because there are so many different ways to attain the body you desire. There is no 1 blueprint nutrition plan to achieving your ideal fitness goals. You are LITRALLY going to be eating for the rest of your life... so why not find the most enjoyable way to live a healthy lifestyle. We seem to always follow the latest diet fad or current trend in society thinking this must be the way. It is not. But it could if it fits your lifestyle, know what I mean?

I currently do intermittent fasting. Do you know why? I'll tell ya, because 1.) I don't like eating in the morning. 2.) I'm not a huge fan of breakfast food. 3.) I like to read and do my work in the morning, so eating breakfast is inconvenient to me and also makes me tired. So I usually eat a small meal during the day consisting of usually fruit and some sort of protein, then will have one or two bigger meals at night. That is what's most enjoyable to me and fits my lifestyle. Find what fits yours. 

Step 4: Find Your Training Style

Depending on your physique goals, you must choose a style of training that will accommodate to those goals. So what type of physical activity is most enjoyable to you and helps aid to reach your goals? You must also come to realize what sparks your excitement in fitness. For example, I love looking in the mirror and seeing consistent progress on my body and being able to do cool, athletic tricks. So, I would say my favorite style of training is "simplistic body sculpting", which is a combination of bodybuilding, functional muscle strength, and endurance training all strategically put into a simple program for strong lean muscle. But some people like to see consistent progress in numbers (aiming for heavy lifts and hitting new one rep max's) which is more of power lifting and weight training, some people like long distance running and lowering their time per run, and some just like the feeling of being lean and healthy. Do you see what I'm getting at here? It comes down to finding what sparks interest and excitement in the fitness realm and choosing a style of training that you love and will help you attain and retain a lean, rocking bod. There are plenty of styles of fitness you could tryout to see if you like it or not. Such as crossfit, yoga, obstacle course racing, body weight training, running, high intensity interval training, body building, etc.

The beauty of training is that you can change it up from time to time depending on the season of life you are currently enduring. Sometimes school or work will takeover your life and you won't have as much time for fitness, thats okay and it will happen. So you take into account how much time you do have and switch up your workout routine, or style of training to fit your schedule. And I don't want to hear that you don't have time for fitness...that is no excuse. You must make the time for your health which should be a main priority. Lifestyle entrepreneur "Gary Vaynerchuk" (CEO of VaynerMedia/Author/Social Media Sensation: @GaryVee) is probably the busiest, hardest working business man in the world and he makes time for his fitness and health. So theres no excuse for you. But, once you find a style of training you are passionate about or become obsessed with a goal, then there is no forcing yourself to the gym, or dreading your workouts everyday, you'll get excited when it comes time to go workout. Once you find that passion you will attain and retain a lean body, and a healthy lifestyle which will create a domino affect in every other aspect of your life. The #fitlife sets you up for a #successfullife.

What sparks your excitement + What will help you achieve your goals = Your Training Style

Step 5: Create The Habit

Now you must form a plan of action, a new weekly routine, and begin your new fitness journey. Depending on your current schedule you will decide how many days a week you will like to workout, when you will workout, and stick to your plan for a certain amount of time. I currently workout 4 days a week on non consecutive days, and do morning abs or cardio on rest days 3 days a week. It's simple, helps me achieve a lean physique, and fuels me with energy, productivity, and confidence throughout my week. Write your plan down on a white board on your wall, in your weekly planner, or calendar (I write it next to my daily to do list) and check off when you complete a workout to keep yourself accountable. After a few weeks, this new routine will be embedded into your subconscious mind and you will not even have to think twice about doing it. Once this habit is formed it will have a ripple effect and carry into every other aspect of your life to further fuel your motivation and actions for a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable, and sustainable.

Fitness is a lifestyle for everyone, its all about finding what you enjoy, fits your lifestyle, and brings you happiness and good health. I'll go more in depth on each topic in my future blog posts, so stay tuned!

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